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Winter of Red Snow

Kristiana Gregory



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Jacqueline Ð33

November 12, 2004

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Witness the early life of Abigail Jane Stewart.  Come and see the hardships her and her family face, at the time of the Revolutionary War.



In 1777, Abigail Jane Stewart lived in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  She had two sisters, Elizabeth, who was fifteen, and Sally who was six.  In the beginning of this story her mom has a baby, named Johnny.  He was not expected to live through his first winter.

            News comes from neighbors that the red coats had taken over Philadelphia, their capital. To keep the red coats from gaining ground George Washington and his troops have to move to Valley Forge temporarily, AbigailÕs home.

            When the troops marched into Valley Forge the families felt very sorry for them. AbigailÕs dad made shoes. Elizabeth made a coat. Abigail made a hunting shirt. Everyone was pitching in, but it was still not enough. Soldiers were deserting and dying every day. Soldiers stole things from barns and the schoolhouse was taken over as a hospital. Many hardships occur in this story.

            When Elizabeth meets a young soldier, whose arm was amputated named Ben Valentine, a wedding took place not to long after they met. Two years later when Abigail is fifteen she meets a blacksmith named Willie Campbell and gets married to him. Elizabeth had four daughters and two sons, Paul and Nathaniel, who grew up to be explorers. Abigail had nine children, her daughter, Hannah, became the first woman doctor. Their three sons grew up to become lawyers.

            In 1787, the Valentines, the Campbells, and the Stewarts moved west to homestead in the Ohio River Valley.




This story took place in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; in this place the winters are very harsh and cold.  It is mostly farmland that doesnÕt grow in the winter. If you lived in Valley Forge you would have to stock your food in the autumn season to save up for the harsh winters. This story took place in 1777-1778.

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Abigail- Abigail is kind and very sweet. She is sweet because she makes a hunting shirt for a soldier that needs it. She is also kind for doing Mr. WashingtonÕs laundry. She becomes braver as the story from dealing with these harsh winters and the heart breaking war.


Elizabeth- Elizabeth, AbigailÕs sister is stubborn, eager, and kind. Elizabeth is stubborn because she uses her and AbigailÕs coat to make one for a boy that did not need it as much as them. Abigail was very cold because she didnÕt have anything to wear over her dress. Elizabeth is eager to get married and she is only fifteen. She is kind to help her mom out with her little brother, Johnny.




Born in Los Angeles, California, Kristiana Gregory wanted to be a writer since she was young. She has written fifteen books for children in Middle School. She contributed to the Dear America Series.

            Her first book was published in 1989, Jenny of the Tetons. She has won many awards in her life.

            She has been married for twenty years and lives in Boise, Idaho. She has two sons and leads a happy life as a wife, mom, and a writer.



Book Review

I liked this book a lot. It was very exciting between the war and her family troubles. It was also sad because her family faces many hardships of war and harsh winters. When I think about this book I think of suspense. I never wanted to put this book down. This book was very interesting and gave many facts about the Revolutionary War.