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Student Achievement

Student Achievement

St. Brendan Parish School prides itself on its excellent academic record and its exceptional preparation of its students for the rigors of high school and college. Our students consistently excel on standardized tests and exceed the expectations of the many institutions of higher learning to which they matriculate.

Four times a year, the STAR Test is given to assess where a student is in his/her learning and progress throughout the school year. At St. Brendan, the most important use of these tests is to track students’ growth from year to year.

Trends consistently indicate that with each passing year, our students out-perform their grade levels by an ever-increasing margin, such that by the time students get to eighth grade they are, on average, performing at the level of college freshmen. In other words, the longer a student is at St. Brendan School, the more exponential growth he or she experiences. By the eighth grade, our students' average standardized test scores are among the top in the nation.  

St. Brendan 5th and 8th graders take the National Catholic Education Association Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (NCEA ACRE) test in February of each year. ACRE is a method of evaluating how well students are absorbing their faith. Results of this assessment are compared to a national profile of students. An analysis of outcomes from the 2018-2019 testing confirms that our students performed on par with peers in Catholic schools across the nation.

In addition to their outstanding performance on standardized tests, our students frequently distinguish themselves and our school at various competitions and are often recognized by the wider education community for their achievements. Distinctions include:

  • Placements in local, regional, and state-wide science fairs

  • Placement in local, regional and state-wide geography bees
  • Championship wins across all CYO athletics programs

Our students are accepted at the City’s best college preparatory high schools (for detailed information, click here). Approximately 80% of our graduates receive the additional recognition of being accepted with various distinctions and honors, including:

Sacred Heart Cathedral

  • Acceptance in the De Paul Scholar Program
  • Acceptance in the Inquiry and Innovation (i2) Program
St. Ignatius College Preparatory
  • Acceptance with Distinction
  • Acceptance with Honors


Archbishop Riordan High School

  •  Acceptance to the St. Francis Scholar Program
  • Acceptance with Honors