Order Hot Lunch From School Foodies

How Do I Order?
1)    Visit www.SchoolFoodies.com
•    Click “Register” to create your account with your preferred username and password.
•    Click on “Add Child” and enter the registration code listed at the top of this flyer.
•    Select grade and save.
2)    To place an order, click “New Order.”
•    We recommend new customers use “Manually Select” as the order method.
•    Click the + sign on a date you wish to order and add items to your shopping cart.
•    Order for all dates desired and checkout.  You will receive an e-mail receipt.
•    To save time, “Auto Select” allows you to select favorites and apply to a date range.
•    For customers that wish to order every day, a new subscription option will be available Fall 2022.
You can place orders for a day, week or month at a time.  The order deadline is three (3) days in advance of service dates.  Place orders before 9 a.m. on Fridays for the upcoming Monday.  Before 9 a.m. on Saturdays for the upcoming Tuesday, and so on.  After the deadline passes, an emergency meal option is available until 5 a.m. on the day of service. 
Need to change an order?  Login into your account and select Modify Order to cancel or change selections.  The deadline to change an order is the same as the order deadline.