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Philosophy & Learning Expectations

Philosophy & Learning Expectations

St. Brendan students are future leaders, innovators, visionaries and peacemakers. We believe it is our vocation to equip them with the skills and the values that will enable them to rise to the unknown challenges of the future. Our curriculum is designed to address the needs of the whole child, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually.


The strength of a philosophy lies in its translation into specific, articulable standards toward which students can strive. Our learning expectations help our teachers develop students who are:



St. Brendan students learn and live in accordance with the values of the Gospel and the Church. They show respect, tolerance, and compassion for others through words and actions.



St. Brendan students excel in academics while remaining mindful that learning extends beyond the classroom. On the athletic field, on the playground, at home, and wherever they experience the world, they plant the seeds that will help their knowledge deepen into wisdom.



St. Brendan students are inquisitive critical thinkers who work independently and collaboratively to develop creative solutions to problems and conflicts. They strive to allow Grace to guide their personal decisions and their interaction with the world around them.



St. Brendan students listen respectfully to others so that they may remain open to new ideas and to mutual growth and reciprocal understanding. They express themselves confidently and articulately, and strive to demonstrate manners, social grace, and poise in all situations.



St. Brendan students recognize the responsibilities that accompany the rights and privileges they enjoy. They demonstrate concern for their community, their environment, and global issues. They are committed to contributing their time and talents in the service of those less fortunate.