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Our Faculty & Administrative Staff

Our Faculty & Administrative Staff

The St. Brendan School faculty is a team of dedicated, passionate educators whose collective experience, expertise, and talent form the core of our program and our community. Our faculty has an average tenure of nineteen years, which allows us to retain our cultural capital and to continually mine our institutional knowledge. The stability of our staff allows our programs, practices and curricula to evolve naturally and organically, and ensures cohesive, streamlined delivery of instruction and support of our students.

Our teachers’ jobs extend beyond the classroom, and you will often find them at games and social events. In addition, many faculty members serve as curriculum coaches for various Archdiocesan committees. For St. Brendan teachers, teaching is not just a job; it is a life.

As our program has evolved and the needs of our student body have changed, our list of faculty and administrative staff has expanded. Today, in addition to our class teachers and principal, our staff includes:

  • A technology teacher
  • A school counselor
  • Two music instructors
  • An art teacher
  • Two science teachers
  • A dance instructor
  • A support teacher
  • A Spanish teacher
  • Two athletic directors
  • Two Mandarin teachers
  • A motor skills teacher
  • A physical education teacher
For a complete list of our faculty and contact information, please click here.