St. Brendan Parish School


School Supply List

St. Brendan School is offering an easy way to purchase your child's school supplies for next year: the school has uploaded the supply list for each grade (1st through 8th) to, which is an on-line source of high quality, name-brand school supplies.


You may purchase the supply list in its entirety from School Tool Box, or customize the list if you have some supplies already on hand, or want to buy extras to have at home. The supply boxes will be shipped directly to your home (one box for each child), giving you time to label each item with your child's name. (As a nice bonus, School Tool Box makes a donation to the non-profit "Feed My Starving Children" for each box of supplies purchased.)


If you prefer to make your own selections, we now have each grade's supply list available on the school website. You can print this and take it to your favorite retailer, or order the supplies on-line. (If you use Amazon, please remember to start your search at and designate St. Brendan School San Francisco as the recipient of the Amazon donation).


Please remember to label everything with your child's first and last name before the first day of school in August.


We hope you will be pleased with this system. We have tried to make it as simple as possible, while still giving you the flexibility to purchase only those supplies you need.


Please find the attachments for the supply list for your child's grade.


**Under usual circumstances, supplies are provided to the Kindergarten children as the teachers prefer the students to have the same exact supplies.  However, due to COVID-19 and Distance Learning, Kindergarten students will need to purchase a set of supplies to be kept at home and used during Distance Learning.