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Mothers' Club

St. Brendan Mothers' Club

Established with the opening of the school in 1947, the St. Brendan Mothers’ Club is a social and philanthropic organization with a strong tradition of service, camaraderie, and community. Every mother with a child at St. Brendan School is a member. The Club holds monthly dinner or luncheon meetings throughout the year. 
The primary function of the St. Brendan Mothers’ Club is to raise funds to offset the difference of approximately $2,000 between the tuition charged and the actual cost to educate each child at the school. The Club coordinates two major events each year: the Christmas Boutique and Children’s Carnival, and the Annual Auction (in conjunction with the Men’s Club). Members of the Club bring their considerable and varied talents to bear in creating events that are fun for both the children and the community and that consistently yield remarkable results for the benefit of our students.
Other fundraisers and “fun-raisers” vary from year to year, and have included:
  • Jog-a-thon
  • Read-a-thon
  • Bake Sales
  • Talent Show
  • Pub Quiz Night
  • Moms’ Day/Night Out Events
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Parish Picnic
  • Fashion Show


2018-2019 Executive Board


President:                     Paige Olson
Vice President:            Colette Cannon
Secretary:                     Elizabeth Revetria
Treasurer:                     Jeremy Strauss
Auditor:                          Christie Sorenson
Parliamentarian:          Lori Doyle
Moderator:                    Dianne Lakatta


Class Representatives 2018-2019


Kindergarten               Angie Antonini and Gina Eggert
Grade One                    Michelle Browning
Grade Two                    Julie Dunn
Grade Three                 Lisa Chinchilla-Sandoval
Grade Four                   Kathleen Laipply
Grade Five                    Jenny Stanley
Grade Six                      Janine Doerner
Grade Seven                Claudine Muzzy
Grade Eight                  Amy Stecher