School Advisory Board


The School Advisory Board is comprised of appointed school parents and parishioners who come together to support and advise the Principal and Pastor in matters relating to the operation of the school. The Board is consultative in nature, and its members strive to create understanding and support of Catholic education within the school and parish community. Its primary means of effecting its purpose is advising the Principal and Pastor in the implementation of the goals of the school’s strategic plan. The Board is not involved in personnel matters, the day-to-day operation of the school, or curriculum development.

School Advisory Board Members 2020-2021

Chairperson: Jenny Nelson  
Vice Chair:    Scott Jenkins  
Chrissy Death
Ryan Dunn
Francesca Ruiz
Stacey Simpson
Jim Squires
Dr. Madhu Shetti
Dr. Molly Magnano
Gus del Puerto
Jenny Stanley
Ex Officio Members:
Dianne Lakatta
Fr. Mike Quinn
Jan Donovan
David Lopez