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"Education must enable one to sift and weigh evidence, to discern the true from the false, the real from the unreal, and the facts from the fiction.
The function of education, therefore, is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically."
― Martin Luther King Jr.
Welcome to Mrs. Stecher's Home page! 
At St. Brendan's we have built a cohesive Science program that has its foundations in the primary grades for success in the middle school program. Through each year, their depth of scientific knowledge increases and is used for analysis of scientific phenomena.  This analysis is put into practice by constructing arguments using evidence.  To increase the ability to communicate scienitific ideas, we practice reading, writing, and math concepts to increase comprehension of these scientific concepts.
We do cover A LOT of material and complete different types of projects to practice the concepts. Please look over the course descriptions in my pages for any of the classes grades 1-5 and if there are any questions, please do no hesitate to contact me!


Rising 5th Graders:Science

Please check the 4th grade notes webpage for the PDF of each magazine with the article assigned for the Summer Summary due on the 1st day back.  Instructions and reference sheets are also posted. 
Happy Summer!
**If you are interested in keeping skills sharp, please consider some workbooks especially critical thinking workbook practice that are geared toward 5th grade. 
Some publishers:
Spectrum for Grade 5
Teacher created resources
Carson Dellosa

Grade 3: Test tomorrow (5/18)

Please check Google Classroom for the updated information for the test tomorrow. 
Chapter 7 TEST: Lesson 1-3(pg.271-293)

Gr3: Important Dates!!

As discussed in class...

DUE Monday-HOLIDAY (5/10): Flip grid due/written report (paragraph)from informative writing page

DUE Tuesday-(5/11): 1. Turn in Planet AD POSTER and paragraph   2. Vocab/spelling Chapter 7 QUIZ

DUE Monday (5/17):Copy notes (5/11)in notebook.
Compete activity on page 288.

DUE Tuesday (5/18): Chapter 7 TEST (last one!)
Monday (5/24-5/25): Changing Matter/Recipe project

Gr3: Signed Vocab/Spelling Tests

Please return your test SIGNED by your parental units.  They can be turned into Mrs. Ira or Ms. Inocencio.  They will forward to me.


Please make sure your student checks Google Classroom for Grades 3-5  Plan on uploading work but work can be submitted the next day IN PERSON the next day. SIGNED TESTS must be returned IN PERSON. I will check in with students daily!

Grade 3-5 Daily Review/Preview/Homework

Please make sure to check Google Classroom for assignments.  Also, please make sure to submit your work with an image/doc. 
Thank you!


Please make sure to check Google Classroom under
Daily Review/Preview/Homework for any work that is due tomorrow.

Grades 2-5

Please make sure to join your Science Google Classroom.  More information will be coming but the Science page should now be on your dashboard asking for you to join.  Please do so and I will update with more information in the coming days. I look forward to seeing you on Monday!

5th grade: Summary TURN-IN

If for whatever reason you were not able to drop off your summary TODAY at supply pickup.  On Monday, I will create an assignment for you to submit. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS!

Rising 5th Grade:Summer Summary (4th-5th)

The summaries will be on the articles:

National Geographic Explorer:Vol. 19 No. 3

“Ocean Supercrop”

"Snapshot of Space”

They should be completed on binder paper and headed in the standard way. Notes should be completed and should also be submitted. They will be DUE on the FIRST DAY, back, August 19th.

We feel that writing is such an important skill and essential to critical thinking and analysis, especially in Science. Any practice and all practice is a good thing in development of these skills. I have also attached the basic format for summaries. Your child has received this at least twice before but again it is for reference. We do appreciate your attention to this!


I wish you and your families a wonderful and restful summer!Rising